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5 Day Iceland Road Trip Itinerary (on a budget)

As you saw, I just posted my 10-week European itinerary that I did post-graduation last year. Somewhere along the way, my friend Emma got the big idea to spend a week in Iceland (a week that perfectly aligned with the beginning of my trip). Thus, our Iceland road trip was born. Now Iceland is an Instagrammable dreamland, and very trendy (and cheap) to travel to right now. With Iceland Air’s #MyStopover promotion (basically a free layover in Iceland on flights to Europe), we were able to score a super cheap one-way ticket to London, with a week in Iceland.

Our trip was far from perfect, but I’ve adapted it to be what would’ve been my “ideal” itinerary to share with you here around the entire Ring Road. For incredible waterfalls, breathtaking landscapes, and a land that literally knocks the wind out of you (with wind), read on… Continue Reading


19 Countries in 10 Weeks: Europe Backpacking Itinerary

Surprise, I did in fact survive my 10 weeks of backpacking in Europe. It’s been almost two years since I dropped off the face of the blogging Earth, but I’m back, and I’m ready to tell my tales. I got back from Europe in the knick of time to attend my graduation ceremony in Seattle (well, 1 out of 2 anyway), celebrated my 22nd birthday, and started working full-time the very next day. Since then, I’ve been fully immersed in the world of consulting with weekly travel to the Bay Area. That’s right folks— every Monday I’d fly down to SFO or SJC, and every Thursday back to SEA (or wherever I chose to spend the weekend). But that’s a story for another time. 

Today I’m back to share with you my EuroTrip itinerary, because I worked too damn hard on it to not shout it from the rooftops. I hope with a mighty passion that there’s someone else out there who is looking for a way to explore 15+ European countries in 10 weeks, and they stumble upon this blog for ideas.

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