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Holiday Gift Guide for the Outdoorsy & Sustainable Girl

‘Tis the season! It’s full swing Holiday season, and I am personally loving the distraction of decorating for Christmas and searching for the perfect present for all of my friends and family, despite not being able to celebrate together like I wish we could. This year, I’ve dedicated more thought into supporting small business and sustainable products with my gifts, and I wanted to share them for those still hunting down gift ideas for an outdoorsy friend!

Viori Shampoo Bars – $13
I have been a huge fan of solid shampoo for several years now, I’ve tried the Lush brand, I’ve tried some on Amazon, but when I came across a Viori ad on Facebook, I immediately purchased. This shampoo bar is made from rice water, based on an ancient tradition from the Red Yao Tribe. Rice water has been known to strengthen and help maintain hair health, but this shampoo bar makes it easy (and sustainable) to try out the method on your own hair. Bonus – not only are you supporting a small business with this purchase, but this is some of the most beautiful (and sustainable) packages I’ve ever received. I purchased a bamboo shampoo bar holder, and I was shocked at how gorgeous the pair were packaged together. I will definitely be getting my friends these for upcoming holidays!

Arkadia Supply Sea to Sky Waterproof Backpack – $67 (on sale)
My mom got me this backpack off of kickstarter about 3 Christmas’s ago, and to this date it’s one of the best (and most used) presents I’ve ever gotten. It’s a fully waterproof backpack that packs down into a tiny pocket-sized envelop when needed. I’ve taken this backpack on every single trip I’ve gone on since I’ve gotten it; day trips, hiking, kayaking, snorkeling – you name it! Such a practical and useful gift.

Wilderness Essays by John Muir – $13
This is a book I’ve had in my Amazon wishlist for months before I realized it makes the perfect gift for an outdoorsy reader. I ended up sending it to two of my best friends this year for Christmas, and they’re both in love with it! Disclaimer: I haven’t read it myself (yet), but the reviews are incredible, and I always love to give a good book as a gift!

Solar Powered Inflatable Lantern – $14
Look, I’m trying not to be dramatic here, but this product changed my life. I bought it before a backpacking trip years ago, and it’s one of the most versatile and useful hiking/camping tools I’ve ever owned. Because it’s inflatable, it stores flat and can be slipped into nearly any backpack or bag. The lantern is fully solar powered, so you never have to worry about being out of battery or not having access to charge. Everyone should have one of these things!

Girlfriend Collective – Price Varies
Girlfriend Collective has absolutely stolen my heart in terms of activewear/loungewear brands (and let’s be real, what else is anyone wearing these days). All their clothing are made from recycled water bottles, and the quality and designs are absolutely incredible. Lululemon, who?

Hydro Flask Water Bottle – ~$40
You really can’t go wrong with a Hydro Flask. Stainless steel insulated water bottles are an absolute staple for the outdoor community, and Hydro Flask is my personal favorite brand! These bottles keep drinks cold for 24+ hours, and hot for an insane amount of time too. I have several water bottles and a to-go coffee cup, and they are all well loved!

Blueland Cleaning Kit – $39+
Blueland is one of my favorite up-and-coming brands, it focuses on switching regular household cleaning products to a more sustainable alternative! The initial kit is a bit pricier as you pay for reusable glass bottles and cleaning equipment, then they send small dissolvable tablets you use to refill your cleaners with less waste (and less cost overall!)

Hygge Headbands – $25 (buy 1 get 3 free right now!)
This company actually gifted me a set of headbands recently, but I absolutely love them! These “buff” like headbands are versatile so they can be used as a hiking face mask, ski mask, headband, bandana, and plenty of other styles! This is such a useful gift for those venturing outdoors but still wanting an option to pull up to cover their face.

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